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My research on the history of Italian string keyboard instruments and on selected makers has been presented within the format of three New Grove Dictionary publications.The 2nd edition of 2000 should be regarded as superseding the earlier editions. The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments (2nd edition, 2014) was subjected to commercially-oriented editorial guidelines which brought about a reduction of content.

A monograph "The Identification and Authentication of Italian String Keyboard Instruments" examined criteria for establishing the identity of unsigned instruments (see 1992/3 below).

THESIS: "The stringing of Italian keyboard instruments c.1500 - c.1650" was my Ph.D dissertation which dealt with the problems of establishing the pitch and range of instruments. This thesis published a further 89 new attributions to specific makers. It included a catalogue of 748 signed and unsigned instruments with much data on the scaling of instruments, which is of practical value to instrument makers and scholars. It is available in looseleaf, softcover, hardcover, microfiche, or PDF versions; order no. 9735109 (previously UMI, now ProQuest) (click here to order a copy). An updated version of the bibliography can be downloaded from another page on this website: click here.

A recent publication "Principles and Practice in Stringing Italian Keyboard Instruments" (see 2000/4 below) examines the evidence of string gauge markings on instruments and infers a system of stringing used by Cristofori. The Nuremberg string gauge system is discussed in detail. Some practical details on wire sizes are available at this site.

A theme permeating my work has been the search to reveal how instrument makers understood the design process. Some results have been published, as "Überlegungen zu Mechanik und Mensurentwicklung im Cembalobau des 15. Jahrhunderts" (see 2001/3 below). A later, revised English version appeared originally as an online publication of the British Harpsichord Society, now available here (see 2004/1 below). This shows connections between the design procedure for instruments described by Arnaut de Zwolle in Burgundy and some early 16th-century Italian harpsichords and clavichords. Another Italian tradition of harpsichord design, mostly recognisable in Venetian instruments, is described in which the case length depends on the theoretical length of the F string, not on external measurements (see 2012 (below).

My publications on Italian instruments are listed below:

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2008/1 'A construction principle in Venetian harpsichords': the paper I gave at the Edinburgh Early Keyboard Instrument Symposium, 25 October 2008. (superseded by 2011 and 2012 below)

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2015 'Differences between Maffei’s article on Cristofori’s piano in its 1711 and 1719 versions, their subsequent transmission and the implications'. download.

2016 Checklist: 'A list of surviving Italian string keyboard instruments originally provided with more than 12 notes per octave' download.

2017 'Cristofori's piano, its development, and the two assistants', paper read at the Convegno internazionale di organologia dedicato a Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini, Museo di San Colombano, 21-22 ottobre 2017. download.

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2021 'Arnolt Schlick and the pedal keyboard: vnnd offt confusiones machen'.  download.

2021 'A 14th-century clavichord according to the book of Baudecetus'.  download

2021 'Cristofori, Jennens, and the first pianoforte in England'. download.

2021 'The Gubbio organ: an intarsiatore's hoax?'. download.

[in press] 'Establishing Pitch Relationships in Italian String Keyboard Instruments', Proceedings of the conference "Stimmton und Transposition im 16.-18. Jahrhundert', Bremen October 1999.


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