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Publications: bibliography
Downloads: free publications to download and links to other useful downloads

My Instruments: that I make; factors influencing the tone
Pitch: information on Italian keyboard pitch
Compasses: information on Italian compasses

  Quilling matters: information on bird quill »» basic facts for harpsichords: maintainance procedures

»» bird quill plectra: testing of quill perfomance and oiling procedures

Harpsichords: These sections describe antique and reproduction instruments
Venetian harpsichords: »» Zarlino's 24-note harpsichord
Florentine harpsichords: and split sharps
Roman harpsichords: and a cimbalo cromatico
Neapolitan harpsichords:
Sicilian harpsichords: including Grimaldi
German harpsichords: after Gräbner and Vater
Virginals: Venetian and Florentine
Spinets: Florentine and Roman


»» Maffei's article and the drawing of Cristofori's piano action

  »» detailed information on my reconstruction of the 1730 fortepiano

»» a list of recordings played on Cristofori-action fortepianos

»» Aline Zylberajch's Scarlatti CD

  Walter: a fortepiano with the Viennese action

Renaissance Organ: after Lorenzo da Pavia, 1494

News: workshop, current, and forthcoming events
Hire: of instruments
Services: I offer, including identification and authentication of Italian instruments, repair and restoration
For Sale new & used: Instruments, sheet music, and other things...

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