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The following publications are available here in printer-friendly file formats:

Making Italian roses

Sizes of Nuremberg wire

The following downloads are available here:

Bibliography from my PhD thesis (77 pages): an updated version is available here (*.pdf): download

CHECKLIST of Italian harpsichords and virginals with split sharps (7 pages, version 15.02.2016, *.pdf 92KB) download

RECERCARE: the contents of the journals 1989-2009 (*.pdf file, 163KB)  download

Nicolas Mee¨s,  'Renaissance transposing instruments I', FoMRHI Quarterly no. 6, Comm. 45, (1977), 18-26 and 'Renaissance transposing instruments II', FoMRHI  Quarterly  no. 7, Comm. 57, (1977), 16-24 as a single scanned PDF download

Jacqueline Ogeil's PhD thesis: Domenico Scarlatti A Contribution To Our Understanding Of His Sonatas Through Performance And Research. This thesis has 178 pages and was approved by the University of Newcastle, Australia in 2006. It is available here as a single pdf [7.24 MB]for download until such time as her own website is able to host the file. The CDs which formed part of the thesis are not available here.

Tage Alter Musik in Herne: Between 1999 and 2010 conferences devoted to wind, string, and keyboard instruments were organised by Prof. Dr. Christian Ahrens parallel with the musical instrument exhibitions. The published proceedings contain many original contributions by experts which are little known. Six volumes were devoted to keyboard instruments. This PDF index lists all the published articles and indicates how copies of the paperback volumes or individual articles can be obtained. download (61KB)


Useful links:

Catalogue of the Italian harpsichords in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg: written by Renate Huber in 1989 (on which I also provided advice) has been made available by the museum at their website ( as a *.pdf file to download. It is 727KB and while loading there may be no sign of activity on the screen or any indication that a download is taking place. You may have to use your connection software to check that a file transfer is actually taking place. Otherwise wait a few minutes before using the refresh button or deciding that the file is not available: download.

A list of technical drawings available from the Germanisches National Museum, Nuremberg: link.

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