An intricate Venetian rose with a six-fold division of the circle in the Gothic style, as made in the late 16th century using layers of cypress wood reinforced with thin parchment

Maker of Italian Keyboard Instruments

As a specialist on Italian harpsichords and maker of other string keyboard instruments, I offer a synthesis of research on their history with the building of new instruments to meet your requirements.

You can inform yourself about my thesis and other publications on Italian instruments including stringing with Nuremberg wire.

See the range of Italian instruments I make including
harpsichords with split sharps, a cimbalo cromatico, polygonal and rectangular virginals, bentside spinets, Cristofori fortepianos, a Renaissance chamber organ (organo di legno), and north of the Alps, a Walter fortepiano and German harpsichords.

The treatment of bird quill plectra for reduced wear and improved performance

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