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A used instrument: A "Cembalino" (small harpsichord)

Gebrauchtes Cembalo, clavecin d'occasion

I made this instrument for Prof. Florcita Birtner-Gesslein in 1994. After her death in 2001 it was bequeathed to the present owners.

I designed this small portable Italian harpsichord for The Early Music Shop and it is available from them as a kit. However, I made this instrument to a higher specification including my own baseboard, mouldings, keycovers, slides, and Adam Swainson jacks, giving my special attention to the soundboard just as in all my other harpsichords. The compass of C/E-c includes F# and G# as split sharps in my version, which improves its versatility as a continuo instrument. The extraordinarily bold sound of such a small instrument surprises many and enables it to hold its place in an ensemble. This harpsichord has been kept most of its life in its travelling case and is thus almost like new in appearance. The instrument has a two piece stand and a full-size folding down music desk.

Hear a cembalino played by Marju Riisikamp soundclips of a cembalino played by Marju Riisikamp

Dimensions: Length 1402 mm, width 682 mm, height 164 mm.

Compass: C/E-c + F# and G#.

Pitch: a' = 440 Hz, but it can be tuned down to 415 Hz. (A transposing keyboard is not practicable on account of the short octave).

Height of keyboard above the ground: 703 mm.

Weight: Instrument alone 13 kg; Instrument + travelling case 26 kg.

Location: The instrument is presently in the north of Germany.

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A view of the Cembalino on its standA view of the full Cembalino keyboard

A view of the Cembalino in its travelling caseThe split sharps in the bass for F# and G#


Photographs by the owner


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